Sutton Coldfield East and West District Scouts Raft Race 2022

    Permission to take part

    Date: – Saturday 2nd July 2022

    Place: – Powell’s Pool – Sutton Park

    Time: – 0930 hours – 1230 hours approx

    Build a raft and race it on Powell’s Pool

    The above event will be supervised by a safety team of powered rescue boats and kayaks, any Scout will be removed from the water if showing signs of fatigue, cold or if the safety team deems that their craft is no longer viable.

    It is advised that a wet suit is worn, but old track suit bottoms and t-shirt will suffice, with either wet shoes or old trainers, no open toed shoes or bare feet will be allowed and a dry set of clothes and towel should be brought along.

    Buoyancy aids and helmets will be provided.

    Allow plenty of sun cream and drinks if hot and more layers, such as an old Cagoule top for the wind if cold, it will spool the fun if you get too cold.

    In the event of bad weather or if the water is deemed unfit the event will be cancelled.

    The water at Powell’s Pool is not always the cleanest and although no illness has been recorded from its usage for water activities, it is advisable to seek medical advice as soon as possible if sickness follows the event, always wash hands before anything else, especially eating.

    I am able to help transport some equipment to site